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Kill Kortney – Cat In The Hat tab

This is the classic song by the New Jersey band Kill Kortney called "The Cat in the Hat."  Look at the tab 
and try to play it.

CHORUS C Asus2 F The cat in the hat was my favorite book G C Until it was stolen by a crook Asus2 F I used to play Ballting Tops G Until it was confiscated by the cops C Asus2 F And now I have nothing to play G C So I'll be bored here everyday Asus2 F And I used to eat chicken G But now I'm the chicken BREAK (Play each chord 14x) Em Am Em Am F G F G SONG ORDER VERSE CHORUS BREAK CHORUS BREAK Well that's about it! I couldn't figure out the solo to the way it is exactly played but I am 100% sure the rest of the song is right. If anyone can figure out the solo please email me:
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