Killers - Midnight Show chords

Okay, these are the EXACT RIGHT CHORDS, and you can play them exactly this
way if you want. Being that I'm using a ukulele, I play it differently
because some of these chords don't even exist in ukulele world. I don't know
how my simplified version would sound on a guitar, but you can give it a

My simplified chords:
Em7 = Em
Em7/B = B
Em7/A = Em
Em7/G = Em
Em/G = G
Em7/D = D
D/F# = D

The simplification probably won't work on a guitar, but maybe it will.


TUNE YOUR GUITAR DOWN A SEMITONE (though I don't, and it sounds fine.)


Em7 - Em7 - Em7/B - Em7/B - Em7/A - Em7/A - Em/G - Em/D

Em7I know what you want
Em7/BI wanna take you to a midnight show tonight
Em7If you can keep a secret
Em7/BI've got a blanket in the backseat on my mind,
C Bm Em7And a little place that sits beneath the sky.
C BmShe turned her face to speak,
D But no one heard her cry.
-mute------- Em7 Em7/B Drive faster, boy-----
Em7/A Em/G Em7/DDrive faster, boy-----Yeah--
Em7I know there's a hope.
Em7/BThere's too many people trying to help me cope.
Em7You've got a real short skirt,
Em7/BI wanna look up, look up, look up, yeah, yeah.
Em7We were just in time,
Em7/BLet me take a little more off your mind.
Em7There's something in my head,
Somewhere in the back said:
Em7/BWe were just a good thing, we were such a good thing.
C Bm Em7Make it go away without a word.
C BmBut promise me you'll stay,
Dand fix these things I've hurt.
-mute strings----- Em7 Em7/B Oh make it go away, oh----.
Em7/G Em/G Em7/DDrive faster, boy----, yeah, oh no,
Solo: Em7 - Em7 - Em7/B - Em7/B - Em7/A - Em7/A - Em/G - Em/D
C Bm Em7A crashing tide can't hide a guilty girl.
C Bm Em7With jealous hearts that start with gloss and curls.
C Bm AmI took my baby's breath, beneath the chandelier.
GOf stars in atmosphere,
D/F# D Em7 Em7/BAnd watched her disappear, into the midnight show----
Em7/A Em/G Em7/DA-faster, a-faster, a-faster, a-faster, faster, a-faster,
Em7Oh no, no, no, no, no, no,
Em7/BNo, no, no, no, no.
Em7/AIf you can keep a secret,
Em/G Em7/D Em7 - Em7/B - Em7/AWell baby I can keep, you can keep a secret.
Em/G Em7/D Em7 - Em7/BIf you can keep a secret, I can keep a secret.
Em7/AIf you can keep a secret,
Em/G Em7/D Em7Well baby I can keep, you can keep a secret.
Outro: Em - Am - C - G D - Em - Am - C - G D - Em
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