Killers – Mr Brightside Acoustic chords

Can be strummed or picked.
Picking pattern for the verse is next to the three chords you use and further over is 
pattern for the other parts. the numbers are the string numbers from high e being 1 to low 
being 6. Pretty simple.

                Verse         Prechorus/ Chorus
Dsus2: xx0230  43232123         4323
Dmaj7:x40230   53232123         5323
G/A:3x0230     63232123         6323
Bmin/A:x20230                   5323
Asus4:x02230                    4323

Dsus2 Dmaj7I'm coming out of my cage
G/AAnd I've been doing just fine
G/AGotta gotta be down
Dsus2Because I want it all
Dmaj7It started out with a kiss
G/AHow did it end up like this
G/AIt was only a kiss, it was only a kiss
Dsus2 Dmaj7Now I'm falling asleep
G/AAnd she's calling a cab
G/AWhile he's having a smoke
Dsus2And she's taking a drag
Dmaj7Now they're going to bed
G/AAnd my stomach is sick
G/AAnd it's all in my head
Bmin/ABut she's touching his-chest
Asus4Now, he takes off her dress
G/ANow, letting me go
Bmin/A Asus4And I just can't look its killing me
G/AAnd taking control
Dsus2 G/A Bmin/AJealousy, turning saints into the sea
Asus4 Dsus2Swimming through sick lullabies
G/A Bmin/AChoking on your alibis
Asus4 Dsus2But it's just the price I pay
G/A Bmin/ADestiny is calling me
Asus4 Dsus2 G/AOpen up my eager eyes
Bmin/A Asus4'Cause I'm Mr Brightside
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