Killers - Exitlude tab

Artist – The Killers
Track – Exitlude
Tabber – Cal (
Here’s just a little piano bit for the exitlude of Sam’s Town arranged for a guitar, it 
in near the middle of the song and is played to the end. Please rate this tab. Rock on.

Part 1E|-7-9-7-------------7-|B|--------9-7-9----7---|G|---------------9-----|D|---------------------|E|---------------------|A|---------------------|
Part 2E-7-9-7-------------7-----7--|B--------9-7-9---9---7-9-----|G---------------9-----------9|D----------------------------|A----------------------------|E----------------------------|
After part 2, loop back into part 1 and play three times.
Or P1G| 11-13-11---------------------|D|------------13-11-13-11-------|A|----------------------------14|
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