Killwhitneydead - Twos A Couple Threes A Party tab

Drop D
and distortion

this might not be right but its just a simple verion of it

Intro|----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------| X4|---0-3-5-000--3-5-3-6-5-3---||---0-3-5-000--3-5-3-6-5-3---||---0-3-5-000--3-5-3-6-5-3---|
then 4X times again but slower
Chorus|----------------------||----------------------||----------------------| X3|---000-3-000-5-0000---||---000-3-000-5-0000---||---000-3-000-5-0000---|
and on the 4th time of that do this
|------------------------||------------------------||------------------------| |---000-3-000-5--6-5-3---||---000-3-000-5--6-5-3---||---000-3-000-5--6-5-3---|
Chorus 2X then go back to intro but with that sound effect then its pretty easy from there just figure out the counting
Ending|------------------||------------------||------------------||------------------||---00-000---000---||---00-000-3-000---| *
|-------------||-------------||-------------||-------------||---0---0-----||---0-3-0-3---| * *
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