Kim Stockwood - Enough Love tab

Enough Love
Kim Stockwood

[D] How Many other [D7] ways to make you [G] stay
You know there'll [G7] never come a day
When [D] I will love you more than [D7] this, No sweeter [G] kiss,
Has ever [G7] left these lips

But [A] that's not enough [G] love, no [A] there's not enough [G] love,
Have [A] I got enough [G] love, for [D] you

[D] I still remember [D7] when, I'd hold your [G] hand
And I would [G7] be your friend.
And [D] I would wipe away your [D7] tears, Soothe all your [G] fears,
And I'd ask for [G7] nothing in return.

But [A] that's not enough [G] love, Have [A] I not enough [G] love,
No [A] there's I got enough [G] love, for [D] you

For [G] you I'd walk on [A] water,
For [G] you I'd calm the [A] seas
You [G] took all that I [A] had to give
And there was nothing,
Nothing left for [E7] me.

[D] Now, I've finally come to [D7] see what you wanted me to [G] be
It just [G7] makes me sad
'Cause [D] how can I be what you want me to [D7] be
When I like [G] me?
You know I [G7] really like me.

And [A] that's enough [G] love, 'Cause [A] I have enough [G] love,
Oh [A] I've found enough [G] love, for [D] me. [G] [D]

This represents my first attempt at working out chords. I love Kim's music, and haven't
able to find any of her songs online except for Jerk. I don't claim this is accurate,
good enough for me. Any feedback, or if you happen t have worked out a few of Kim's 
yourself, let me know at go_biffle @
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