Kim Walker - Happy Day chords

I give God all the glory.


Verse 1:F,Bb,Dm,Bb

F Bb The greatest day in history, Death is beaten
DmYou have rescued me
BbSing it out Jesus is alive
F The empty cross, The empty grave
Bb DmLife eternal You have won the day
Bb Shout it out Jesus is alive
CHe's alive
F Bb Dm Oh happy day, happy day
CYou washed my sin away
F Bb DmOh happy day, happy day
C F,Bb,Dm I'll never be the same
CForever I am changed
Verse 2:F,Bb,Dm,Bb F,Bb,Dm,Bb,C
F When I stand, in that place
Bb Dm Free at last, meeting face to face
Bb I am Yours Jesus You are mine
F Endless joy, perfect peace
Bb DmEarthly pain finally will cease
BbCelebrate Jesus is alive
CHe's alive
Dm Am Oh what a glorious day
A# What a glorious way
F C Bb CThat You have saved me
Dm AmOh what a glorious day
A# F,C,Bb,C What a glorious name
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