Kimya Dawson - Sleep tab

Sleep (instrumental - Kimya Dawson
Tabbed by: xTBCGx

A beautifully peaceful song that I couldn't find the correct tabs for so I just decided 
make my own. This is my first tab. :)

Standard tuning
Capo: 7th fret
Tabs are in relation to the capo


Played once through as an intro

e|-3--3--3--2--2--2-|B|------------------|G|-------------2--0-|D|-------0--0-------|A|----2-------------|E|-3----------------| Repeat x3
e|-0--0--0--2--2--2-|B|----------------3-|G|-------0-----2----|D|-0--2-----0-------|A|------------------|E|------------------| slight pause before repeating.
Repeat entire tab x2 while humming the tune. ----------------------------------------------------------------- There you have it! A very simple song considering how pretty it sounds. Basically all you're doing is finger picking the chords G and D.
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