Kina Grannis - Stars Falling Down tab version 1

    C              G                     Am    F
I think that the stars would have waited for us
    C              G                     Am   F
hanging on to the night, watching down below
    C              G                     Am     F         
Until we were hand in hand, together waiting for them
    C              G              Am
And when I open my eyes I saw it too
Stars falling down, when I fell for you
 C       G           Am   F
I love you, I love you. I do.

I think that the clouds like the laughter between us
Wanting to feel the warmth they're softly sinking down
Until the cover the streets just like a dreamland
And right above us they part so that I see through
Stars falling down, and I fall for you.

I love you, I love you. I do.
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