Kina Grannis – Back To Us tab

Okay, this is tabbed for ukulele. You can play the same notes 
on the guitar if you don't have a ukulele, but this is how Kina plays it.

Standard tuning: GCEA
G: 0232 C: 0003 Em: 0432  Gsus: 0230

these repeat the whole song, but here's the first part to give
 you the gist of it:

G                 C                      Em   
all the birds are singing in the whisper winds
            Gsus        G
everybody's listening
               C                       Em
and the sun is shining like today won't end
nothing here is missing
G       C            Em            Gsus
looking over looking under looking through
G       C          Em                 Gsus
what we find every time we do what we do
       G   C
and we laugh
       Em  Gsus
and we cry
       G        C
and we live our lives
       Em                      Gsus
and we love and we love and we love
and it comes back to us

the bridge is   C   G   Gsus   and back again. Hope it helped. Here's the video:
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