Kina Grannis – Too Soon chords

This whole song is a G-C walkdown. My KG cover:

Chords used:

Intro: G D C x4
G D CSometimes it's hard to look you in the eye
G D Cthe mess i've created it stands idly by
G D Cand i dont expect the dishes to do themselves
G D Cbut that sure would be nice
G D Ccause i am moving circles, falling back
G D Cmy past has caught up to me, and i've lost track
G D Cof what is history and what is a book marked page
G D CI'd always hoped to come back to someday
G C Gdon't speak to soon
D GI'll likely shut my ears or shut down
CI'm mostly floating
G Dand I'm not ready to come down
G D C x2
G D CDon't wipe away my tears so quickly
G D CDo you even know if they're happy or sad
G D Cmaybe i need to let them fall
G Dclean me out and wash me down
C Dand let me drown for a while
G D Cyou don't have to hold my hand through this
G D Cyou've got enough to carry on your own
G D CI think you'll need but hands for that
G D Ci think for now I'd be better off alone
(Chorus) x1 Em D C
Em D CI will be fine,i need to grow
Em D Gno expectations please
Embecause i dont know
D Cwhere im going or where i even stand
Em D C Gi'm just trying to find out exactly who i am, so
G Cdon't speak to soon
G D GI'll likely shut my ears or shut down
CI'm mostly floating
G D Em-D-Cand I'm not ready to come down
Em D C Em-D-CI am not ready to come down...
Em-D-CI'm not ready...
C-D-GTo come down...
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