Kincaid Slappy - Gauze tab

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Date: Sun, 10 Mar 1996 16:31:39 -0500 (EST)
From: Justin Kunz 

"Gauze", written and performed by Slappy Kincaid
Taken from the album Midnight Sun
Tabbed by Justin Kunz
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Dm C

h- hammer on

She hits you like a waterfall, without ever touching the ground With her fossil fueling in the wintertime your solstice's gonna wait around Half the time she's movin with the canyons, and shoe only stops to gain control Cos if your wind gets caught with denial, you better know how to soothe a soul Subconsciously realizing every touch, from a serpent who's about to shed her skin Your heart accepts her lucradive promises, her end is where she begins Your head is just a foggy space, hearing the sweet remarks from the minds of old friends I guess the question that I can't convince you on is the question that never ends FORMATIONS for the pre-chorus: () denotes a hammer on while strumming the chord F x33(0h2)10 C x3(0h2)010 G 320033 G* (0h3)20033 F C F C G And when it all patches up, the wounds you've suffered from your past F C F C G* I'll take your hand, but I can't promise it will last G F Cos you chose last time it wouldn't last BACK TO Dm and C for 2nd verse Stones in the skies of dawn, she only leaves cover when it rains Whirl your ambitions with a stir rod, cos something like that is instant pain She's just as simple as the next girl, but still complex to you and me We can curse her for getting ahead of us, but she's still miles away from where she wants to be She might drop you a line in the future, she'll hook you and make you the bait Cos once she's decided she forgives you, she says, "Someday I'll be back, just wait" Feelings might erode but with decades, she'll chip away at your heart with time Knowing that you're thinking and still waiting, it's the emotions that blow your mind PRE-CHORUS AGAIN CHORUS: chords used Am7 x02010 Cmaj7 332000 Fmaj7/C x33210 Am7 Cmaj7 Your gauze is gonna heal Am7 Fmaj7/C I don't wanna hear about how you feel Am7 Cmaj7 Your scars represent all you've done Am7 Fmaj7/C I don't wanna hear about what's to come BACK TO PRE-CHORUS WITHOUT LYRICS, END ON A G That's all! Justin Kunz
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