King Creosote – Admiral tab

First tab, so go easy...

Standard EADGBe tuning.

Play the following once for the Intro:

For the Em chord that appears at the end of verses 2 and 4 and the Chorus/Outro, pluck the same pattern as for the G chord. Verse 1 G D/A Girlfriend for you I have fallen Am D7 Just a little way in, I'm just a little bit sore Verse 2 G D/A Girlfriend for you I have spoken out Am D7 G* Em Taken a hefty clout, to the jawbone for my sins Am D7 For my sins (* note - play G with the 'B' string open) Verse 3 G D/A Girlfriend you may not like me much Am D7 When I mention such and such, to this old so and so But you know how Verse 4 G D/A Girlfriend you've carved a hairline scratch Am D7 Am Em G Am D7 Into this granite heart, and its here I falter Verse 5 G D/A Girlfriend it's you I'd scuttle the fleet for Am Make my first mate walk the plank for D7 Admire the all or nothing Chorus/Outro G Em Am Im admiral of nothing at all D7 Nothing at all G Em Am Im admirmal of nothing at all D7 Admire the all or nothing
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