King Crimson - Matte Kudasai chords

This is just a nice acoustic version that you can play. Feel free to improv on the E 
and add the seagulls when necessary :)

E (Riff)Still, by the window pane,
E (Riff)Pain, like the rain that's falling.
C#mShe waits in the air,
E (Riff)Matte Kudasai.
C#m CdimShe sleeps in a chair
Asus2In her sad America.
(Same Chords) When, when was the night so long, Long, like the notes I'm sending. She waits in the air, Matte Kudasai. She sleeps in a chair In her sad America.
Throw in this riff when playing the E chord:e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-0h2h3h4---------------------------------------------------------------|
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