Czech One chords with lyrics by King Krule - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

King Krule – Czech One chords

Em Em BThe train’s motion
Em CUntidy echo
Em A Em Bm C BmAnd she pants
C BmShe asked me why I’m here but I come here every night
Em Bm Em CDo you need to tell her something? No I need a place to write
EmAnd as the sea of darkness forms and casts us into night
Bm C AmYou ask me what her name was called but I found it hard to write
Bm AmOne time I was impaled forlorn and thrown into a pile
Em B CI said you know where I’m coming from and she looked me in the eye
BLoverboy you drown too quick
AmYou’re fading out of sight
Em Bm CIs it the numb density? Can’t even look her in the eye
Bm AWhere tiny men have been absorbed for questioning the sky
Em Bm CTo when and where the stars were formed, that glance upon this night
Em Bm G ALightyears to sit upon and paint us as we lie
Em Bm CAnd to think it’s us she’s wasted on, can’t even look her in the eye
Em ASee I’ve found a new place to mourn, she asked me who died
Em B Em CWell if there’s a darker uniform, I need a place to hide
Em B AAs simple as his faith had gone, the burning of the spire
Em B Am Em DAnd yet he still searched for warmth but it was cold by the fire
Em D AmShe grips me tight, she grips me tight
C Bm G AmBut I still rip at the seams
Em F#m GI can’t sleep at night, never slept at night
C Bm G ABut she still sits in my dreams
Em F#m CI’m out of sight, so out of sight
Em Bm D ABut she sees what I see, she’s watching me
Em C B Em C G Em D EmShe’s still watching me
DShe still sees what I see
Bm GThe train’s motion
Untidy echo
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