Kings Of Convenience – 24-25 tab

                 KINGS OF CONVENIENCE -    24-25
                Album : Declaration of Dependence ;  Track 1

Standard Tuning with Capo on 9th fret!

intro (melody) 1st guitar

Repeat several times with 1st guitar only: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| -----9--------9--------12--------12---------9----------9---------9--------9--| ---9---9----9---9----11--11----11---9-----9---9------9---9-----9---9----9---9| ---------11-----------------9----------------------9-----------------11------| -12----------------9-------------------11-------------------12---------------| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
2nd guitar ( some kind of arpeggio but i post chords only ) this guitar is WITHOUT CAPO; Tuning; jumps in when 1st guitar is still playing the intropart:
Repeat several times:-0--------0-------0-------0----|I-2--------0-------0-------2----|I-1--------X-------1-------1----|I-2--------1-------2-------2----|I-0--------2-------2-------0----|I-X--------X-------0-------X----|I
PS: not so sure about the second chord yet, but i'll eplace it as soon as i got it 100 % right ;) 1ST SOLO : Here an approach to the small acousticguitar-Solo ( the solo is played by the guitar( capo on 9th fret) but the solo itself can be played without as there are no strings ) H stand for Hammer On:
Repeat 7 x : Repeat 1 x :--------------------I-----------------------|-----------12-------I----------16-14-12-----|---11-13H--------13-I-------13-----------13-|--------------13----I----14-----------------|--------------------I-----------------------|--------------------I-----------------------|
The second solo is missing as well as the 2nd companion guitar.... but if anyone wants know how to play it contact me and i will sort it out ;) If anyone wants to know how to play any other Kings of Convenience song, you can also me and i will see if I might tab the requested song as well! Have fun playing!
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