Kings Of Convenience – Little Kids tab

Artist            : Kings of Convenience
Album             : Quiet Is The New Loud
Song              : Little Kids

Transcribed by    : Orson Michael Rosas
Date              : 11-27-2002
E-mail            :
URL               :

Note              : I realise that there are already tablatures for this song,
		    but I'm adding this one because it's a convenient way to play the song 		                    without 
capo and in standard tuning. It takes a little work, but it's
		    not that difficult. Enjoy!

Tuning            : Standard

(1.a) Verse Repeat (1.b) **Only at end of BVB**e|--------------------0---0---0-------| |----------------------------------|B|----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---| |----0---0---0---0-----------------|G|----8---8---8---6---------------6--*| |----8---8---8---8-----------------|D|--6---6----------------------------*| |--6---6---6---6---6---6---6---6---|A|--------------7---4---4---0---0-----| |----------------------------------|E|----------7-------------------------| |----------------------------------|
(2.a) **Between verse break (BVB); second guitar. (2.b) Ending to BVB First guitar continues verse. This is also played during the third verse: "(and rises over...) Brooklyn Bridge, tomorrow...", as well as the outro
e|------------------------------------| e|------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------|G|------1---------------------1-------|<-Play thrice, G|------1----------------------------------|D|--------4-1-4-1---------2-----------| fourth time D|--------4-1-4-1-------2-1---1------------|A|----------------2-3-4---------------| goes... --> A|----------------2-3-4-----4-----------|E|2-3-4-------------------------------| E|2-3-4-------------------------------------|
(3) After second BVB. "little kids playing... soon they'll be all gone..."e|--------------------0---0---0---0---|B|----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---|G|----8---8---8---8-------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------| Second guitar plays...
(4) Second guitar (after second BVB). comes in at second round of "little kids... soon they'll..."e|----6---6---6---6---4---4---4---4---|B|----7---7---7---7---5---5---5---5---|G|------------------------------------|D|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------|
Guitar 1 Guitar 2 little kids playing in the park downtown 1.a (x8) someone stares, watching from the side of the ground i'm following my shadow, so i cross the street car passing, stereo, i like the beat 1.a (x4) 2.a (x3) 1.b (x1) 2.b (x1) open up the door, turning on the fan 1.a (x4) dropping down the keys that i held in my hand (and then start waiting...) for her steps to be heard in the staircase 1.a (x6) enter the room and let down her bag asking me all kinds of trivial questions pretending in everyday life we don't have, pretending in everyday life we don't have, pretending in everyday life we don't have 1.a (x4) 2.a (x3) 1.b (x1) 2.b (x1) little kids playing in the park downtown 3 (x8) soon they'll be all gone as the sun goes down little kids playing in the park downtown 4 (x4) soon they'll be all gone as the sun goes down (and rises over...) brooklyn bridge tomorrow 1.a (x6) 2.a (x6) hours later, i will follow wake up to a life that's hollow, without love, without love, without love (outro) This is changed for two guitars 1.a (x5) 2.a (x10) ends on 11th time, only "2,3,4" on E (F#,G,G#) Thanks for checking the tab out. E-mail me with any questions/concerns/suggestions/changes. ========================================================================== Tab created with Kastor's Guitar Tabulature Manager 3.0 (TabIt Quick 1.0) You can get it for FREE from >><< E-mail:,, ==========================================================================
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