Kings Of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine chords

Kings of Leon-Holly Roller Novocaine

My First Tab, Sorry Couldnt Get the Solo...tabbed by Ben anyway

Bass Intro (Transformed into Guitar) Note:Intro Can Be Played During the Whole Song

E GMy Darling You Look Lovely, I Come To Lay You Down
E GUncover Your Head and Submit to Me, We'll Make a Joyful Sound
E GI Dont Care If You're By Yourself or You're All Alone When You Need My Help
E GKeep That Smile On Your Pretty Face Because You Know You Ain't Got Much I Can Take Away
C Bb Dont You Worry Baby, You Wont Feel a Thing
C Bb Close Your Eyes, Holly Roller Novocaine
Chorus E Lord's Gonna Get Us Back Lords Gonna Get Us Back
GLord's Gonna Get Us Back Lords Gonna Get Us Back
The Song Continues With The Same Chords In the Other Verse, Pre Chorus and Chorus E G C Bb 022100 355433 81010988 688766
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