Kings Of Leon - Pyro tab version 1

PYRO - Kings of Leon
Tabbed by:jamesmckee92
Tuning: standard
Date: October 3rd 2010

Basic barre chord progression throughout of C#minor (played on 9th fret), A (played on
fret)  D (played on 12th fret).

e|----9-----------5-------------12-----------------------------------|B|----9-----------5-------------12-----------------------------------|G|----9-----------6-------------13-----------------------------------|D|----11----------7-------------14-----------------------------------|A|----11----------7-------------14-----------------------------------|E|----9-----------5-------------12-----------------------------------| C#minor A major D major
This chord progression is repeated for intro, 1st verse, 1st chorus, 2nd verse, 2nd Following this is the bridge bit with a small solo from Matt and the lyrics "Can you feel The chord progression by Caleb when Matt is playing his small solo is as follows: A (barre 5th fret), G# major (barre 4th fret) and then a F# (barre 2nd fret)
e|--5---------4---------2-------------------------------------------|B|--5---------4---------2-------------------------------------------|G|--6---------5---------3-------------------------------------------|D|--7---------6---------4-------------------------------------------|A|--7---------6---------4-------------------------------------------|E|--5---------4---------2-------------------------------------------| A chord G# chord F# chord
This is played once then whilst Caleb is singing "Can you feel it?" there is no rhythm audible in the live recordings.
Then when drums come back in etc (around 3.06 in vid link above) a D major barre chordplayed repeatedly on the 12th frete|---12------------------------------------------------------------|B|---12------------------------------------------------------------|G|---13------------------------------------------------------------|D|---14------------------------------------------------------------|A|---14------------------------------------------------------------|E|---12------------------------------------------------------------|
Then it reverts back to the original chord progression of C#minor, A, D (3.23 in video) the end. Thats all I've got so far, currently working on Matthew's part and Jared's bass will when i have it. Thanks james
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