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From: (Brian E. Keener)
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Date: Thu, 14 May 1992 15:05:23 GMT
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Due to the helpful advice of one of the readers on this Newsgroup, I have
	figured out what I HOPE to be the correct way to play "Black Flag"
	by King's X.  Note the "E" is tuned down to "D" (helpful advice).

E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|--------3---3--------0--------3---3--------0-0x-3x-1x-0---3---3--------0-|A|--------3---2--------0--------3---2--------0-0x-3x-1x-0---3---2--------0-|D|-0-3/-0-3-0---0-3/-0---0-3/-0-3-0---0-3/-0---0x-3x-1x-0-0-3-0---0-3/-0---| ^ ^
E|-------------------------------------------|| This is for the beginning of the song and the refrain.B|-------------------------------------------|| What follows is the variation used for the lyricalG|---------0-----0---------------------------|| section of the song. Refer to the "^"'s above.D|-------0-----0---|| G|-------0------------||A|-----------------|| D|-----0---0----------||D|-0-2-3-----1-----|| A|--------------------|| D|-0-3-------0-1~-0---|| ^ ^
...and now, the tab for the lead-in to the refrain.
...and finally, the tab for the "It's... what's up... with ME..." part...
I hope that this is right, and that my new TAB notation is legible. I think that it's a good system, because it allows for tuned-down or -up strings, bends, and other things. Let me know what you think. -MetalMaster P.S.- If you know King's X, a heavy, wooden, bass-laden guitar sound should sound best with this song. Bon guitar-age!
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