Kingston Trio – Run Joe chords

The Kingston Trio – Run Joe
A folk gem by the Kingston Trio, couldn't find the lyrics anywhere online so I wrote it 
down by ear. Since it's sung in an accent, I couldn't get all the words clear. Feel free 
to comment for any suggestions on the lyrics.


EmLai lai lai loway loway 3x
G DMoe and Joe run a country store
G D GTelling fat on behind the door
G DThat ram more as Joe run out
G D GRunning more he begins to shout
G DRun Joe, there’s a man at the door, run
G DJoe, the money won’t let me go run
G CJoe, run as fast as you can, run
D GJoe, police’s holding me hand
EmLai lai lai loway loway 2x
G DGood day Juanita get into bed
G D GCall a doctor and tie your head
G DGet a lawyer to stand me bail
G D GI don’t want to sleep in this rotten jail
EmLai lai lai loway loway 2x
G DWhen they take me before the tarch
G D GI am going to be ninety charge
G DIf I don’t I’ll be looking good
G D GBehind the bars with me stripy suit
EmLai lai lai loway loway 2x
G DWhen the judge asks me how I plea
G D GNot guilty sir most decisively
G DYou can see just at a glance
G D GI’m a victim of circumstance
EmLai lai lai loway loway 2x
G DMe mommy told me not long ago
G D GTo keep away from that rotten Joe
G DIf I do what me mommy say
G D GI wouldn’t be in this mess today
EmPolice man is catching up the Joe
Joe run too slow Lai lai lai loway loway 3x Low
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