Kinks - Destroyer tab version 3

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Transcribed by: ptb1965

Thanks for bowie ( for the original transcription.

My band was interested in learning this song.  But the one tab that seems
to be the most available on the web has parts that needed to be corrected.
Try as I might, I could not find an official transcription of this.  So,
I am basing my corrections on my own interpretation plus watching numerous
videos of the Kinks playing this song.

I did not bother with timing notation. Listen to the song to figure it out;
it is an easy song.  I also did not tab out the fills and solos (I never do
as I play my own anyway).

Riff 1 (these are softly P.M.) until heading into choruse----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------|D-2--2-------5-5-5-2---2-2---------------------------------------------------|A-0--0-5--5--3-3-3-0---0-0---------------------------------------------------|E------3--3------------------------------------------------------------------|Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place.......
Riff 2e----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------------------------------------|D-9----9-----7-------7------------2--2--------5-5-5-2------------------------|A-7-9--7--9--5---7---5---7--------0--0---5--5-3-3-3-0------------------------|E---7-----7------5-------5---------------3--3--------------------------------|Par-a-noi-a the Des-troy-ah (on the Riff 1 redux, the chords are not PM and are allowed to ring out a bit)
Riff 3e-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------------|D--5-----7-----5-----7-----5-----7-----9-----11-------------------------|A--3-----5-----3-----5-----3-----5-----7-----9--------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------------|Silly boy you got so much to live for.....
Song structure: Intro: Drum fill Riff 1 (2x) bass and drums only Verse I: Riff 1 (2x) bass and drums only Met a girl called Lola and I took her back to my place Feelin' guilty, feelin' scared, hidden cameras everywhere!!! Stop! Riff 1 (8x) all instruments…intensity increases as you approach the chorus Hold on. Stay in control Girl, I want you here with me But I'm really not as cool as I'd like to be 'Cause there's a red, under my bed And there's a little yellow man in my head And there's a true, blue inside of me That keeps stoppin' me, touchin' ya, watchin' ya, lovin' ya Chorus I: Riff 2 (2x) + an extra Riff 1 Redux Paranoia the destroyer Paranoia the destroyer Verse II: Riff 1 (6x) Well I fell asleep, then I woke feelin' kinda' queer Lola looked at me and said, "ooh you look so weird." She said, "Man, there's really something wrong with you. One day you're gonna self destruct." You're up, you're down, I can't work you out You get a good thing going then you blow yourself out. Chorus II: Riff 2 (2x) Silly boy you self destroyer Silly boy you self destroyer Bridge I: Riff 3 + Riff 2 Silly boy you got so much to live for So much to aim for, so much to try for You're blowing it all with paranoia You're so insecure you self destroyer (and it goes like this, here it goes) Chorus III: Riff 2 (2x) Paranoia the destroyer (here it goes again) Paranoia the destroyer Interlude Riff 1 (3x) Verse III Riff 1 (6x) Doctor, Doctor help me please I know you'll understand There's a little time device inside me, I'm a self destructing man There's a red, under my bed And there's a little green man in my head And he said, "you're not goin' crazy, you're just a bit sad 'Cause there's a man in ya, gnawin' ya, tearin' ya into two." Chorus IV: Riff 2 (2x) Silly boy you self-destroyer Paranoia the destroyer Bridge II: Riff 3 + Riff 2 Self-destroyer, wreck you're health Destroy you're friends, destroy yourself The time device of self-destruction Light the fuse and start eruption (Yeah, it goes like this, here it goes) Outro Chorus: Riff 2 (5x) Paranoia the destroyer (Here's to paranoia) Paranoia the destroyer (Hey Hey, here it goes) Paranoia the destroyer (And it goes like this) Paranoia the destroyer (And it goes like this)
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