Kiss – Strutter chords

                            Words and music by
                       Paul Stanley and Gene Simmions

To match recording, tune gtr. down 1/2 step:
Moderately fast

B5 G5 D51.3. I know a thing or two about her.
2. She wears her satin like a lady.
B5 G5 D5 A5 I know she'll only make you cry.
She gets her way just like a child.
B5 G5 D5 She'll let you walk the street beside her.
You takeher home and she says,"maybe."
B5 G5 D5 A5 But when she walks she'll pass you by.
But takes you down drives you wild. Chorus:
Bm G Bm G Ev'rybody says she's lookin' good and the lady knows its understood.
B5 E5 D5 E5 B5 Strutter.
E5 D5 E5 B5 E5 __________________________________ |1.2. |3. |G5 D5 A5 B5 | G5 D5 A5 B5
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