Kiss - Aint Quite Right tab

AIN'T QUITE RIGHT (from the 1978 solo KISS "PAUL STANLEY" transcribed by Adnrewrocku)

Tuned down 1/2-step

Comments: I was looking through the KISS tabs and thought it to be a damn shame that
Aint Quite right was not yet included.  Aside from the brilliant arrangement and
melody .. this is a simple song yet complex in the different guitars used.  There's
two different electric on the left and right and 12 string in the middle along with
a heavy middle power chord electric during power chords.  I've not included the solo
and outro solo but they can be found at
along with just about every other KISS song in the paramount KISS catalog.(There are
also some E-bow playing after the solo and in the outro that I've also not included
here.) Also I switched to the 12 string variation of the lyric chords after the first
lyric just for versatility.  This is my first tab so I'm keeping it simple and easy to

Rhythm [Fig. 1a] (clean electric)
Intro repeat 4x

[Fig.1a 4x first lyric ]You were standin' and I was thinkin'Of all the time that I spend hangin' aroundSituation --[Fig. 1b]Eb|----------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------7--------5--------------------|Gb|----------------7--------5--------------------|Db|----------------7--------5--------------------|Ab|----------------------------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------------------|could only get betterI got closer to see what I ((( Open A string ))) found
[Fig. 2a bridge]Eb|-------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------------|Gb|--5------4----------7-7------9------5------------|Db|--5------4----------7-7------9------5------------|Ab|--3------2----------5-5------7------3------------|Eb|-------------------------------------------------|
[Fig 2b] ( *variation of fig 1a played on 12 string with 1a ... sounds just as good on six string ... or play 1a)
In the mornin', movin' easy Everything seems so right But when the night comes,(((D))) I've been dreamin' (((C))) Dreamin' 'bout leavin' you one more time Girl, you gave me good love But it ain't quite right>>
[Fig 3a chorus]Eb|-------------------------------------------------|Bb|-------------------------------------------------|Gb|--5-----------------9-9--------7-----------------|Db|--5------5----------9-9--------7-----------------|Ab|--3------5----------7-7--------5-----------------|Eb|---------3---------------------------------------|(pause) Then play this as a pseudo bass line fill>>
[Fig. 3b bass fill for guitar]Eb|----------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------------------|Db|----------------------------------------------|Ab|----O-6-7-8---6-7-----------------------------|Eb|----------------------------------------------|
[Fig 2b or 1a] Mmm, no, I won't tell you That you're the only one for me And I'd be a liar if I promised I could give you every single thing you ever need [Fig. 3a] You gave me good love But it ain't quite right.... [Fig. 4a fill x2]
[Fig. 3a] Yeah, you gave me good love But it ain't quite right, mmm [Fig. 3b bass fill for guitar] [Fig. 2b or 1a x2] Solo (not transcribed) Lookin' back now seems so easy You were the best thing ever happened to me I can't complain It was worth every minute we had 'Cause, you gave me good love But it ain't quite right Yeah, you gave me good love But it ain't quite riiiiiiiiiight ... (outro solo not tanscribed)
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