Kisschasy – Dinosaur tab

Dinosaur - Kisschasy
guitar tuned down a half step.

Riff 1

Riff 2
C Then Riff 1 I'm trying to beat my misery C Riff 1 I don't want to go across the sea C Then Riff 2 etc. And if I could take you everywhere there C Would be no reason for my dispair Am F C And I know we won't touch for months Am F C And your smell will evade me Am F C But our love could survive a war F Am G Without the slightest sore C I know you suffer from my art C Always pulling us apart C Your forever in my brain C Even when I cause you pain Am F C And I know I can't taste your skin Am F C With an ocean between us Am F C But our love is a dinosaur, Am F C hear it roar one of the best songs daz has written. This is my first tab. comment or email me.
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