Kisschasy - Poison Pen Letter tab

Sup ppls
my friend asked me to tab this song out and 
this is my first tab in UG so please take it easy
There are a number of ways i figured out to play this but heres what i find easiest

Intro|-----------------|---------------------||-----------------|------3--------------||-----------------|--5-----5-4-2--------| |--2------4-5-----|--5------------------| |--2--5h7-----5---|--3-3----------------||--0--------------|---------------------| PM
Then go to /----1st----\/---------2nd---------\|----------------|-----------|----------------------||----------------|-----------|----------------------||----------------|--5-5-7-7--|---5-5-7-7-4-4-5-5----||--2-----4-5-----|--5-5-7-7--|---5-5-7-7-4-4-5-5----||--2--5h7--------|--3-3-5-5--|---3-3-5-5-2-2-3-3----||--0-------------|-----------|----------------------|
Repeat the intro 3 times the first time but in the second repeat just do it 2 times
Verse|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------4-4-4-5-5-4-||-0-0-0-2-2-2-------------||-------------------------||-------------------------|Heres a part of the verseill add the rest later
peace wat now marvin!!!
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