Kitchie Nadal – Armour Bearer chords

C#m - A

C#m AFighting back my smile tears
C#m A C#mAWaiting for the fireworks
C#m A C#m - ACounting back words 6 5 4 3 2 1
ADarkness can’t be as reassuring as this
E BBy many or by few
ADo what you have in mind
G#I’m with you heart and soul
E B By many or by few
AI’m your armour bearer
G#I’m with you heart and soul
C#m AAre we walking along Abel Street
C#m AChasing each other’s polarity
C#m AOrphan, widow, and innocent blood
C#m AOh we were raised, we were raised, we were raised
ACrawling from the ashes
B AFor the Accuser
B ADay and Night has been hurled down
BOf the blood of the Lamb
AIn the word of Testimony
BWe did not Love Our Lives
AAs we shrink from Debt
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