Kitchie Nadal – Fire chords

INTRO: Em-D-Em-G x2

Em D Am Little child, did you throw the dice again?
Em D Am Black and blue paint on your wall.
Em D Am Didn't mama tell you that she loves you so?
Em D Am Even if her bones are dry to hear you sing and cry.
(Do Intro Chords)
Em D Am Attempting to please the world at
Em D Am The age of seventeen.
Em D Am You kill your babies and call it offering
Em D Am The stench of truth: a life for a life, to be kind is to be unkind.
Em D Am It took six sweet years of your life.
Em D Am You walked alone along with your tea-cold-colored mind.
Em D Am Subtly you pay the curse upon you,
Em D Am D but a promise of the man seeps through earth, grave and stone.
Em D G D Em You will seek Him with all your heart, soul and strength.
D G D You'll count all the cost as you walk out the door.
Em D G D Without a warning you'll set the world on fire! like it used to be
Em-G-D Fire! (repeat)
(Do Intro Chords)
Em D Am You're never appearing not to.
Em D Am Emerging through unscathed.
Em D Am Little god, you're cauterized by sin.
Em D Am Comfortable and seem to gain the taste of a fatherless
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