Kj-52 – Mullet Pride tab

Homepage: www.kj52.com, US, Genre- Christian Rap (but not this song)

SONG: Mullet pride
Almbum: Collaborations 
by lookmanocurse@hotmail.com

Just three chords!!!

e|----0-----0-----2------|B|----2-----0-----3------|G|----2-----1-----2------|D|----2-----2-----0------|A|----0-----2------------|E|----------0------------| A E D
Chorus: A Do you got a mullet a mullet going on? E Do you got a mullet is it beautiful big and long? A well If you got a mullet there’s no need to hide D A A E D E A cause it’s plain to see just so plain to me that we just need mullet pride Verse 1: A I saw a man a walking just the other day E I saw a man a talking and this is what he say he said to me A he said son your hair is real short but in the back it’s long D A A E D E A well if it is and it really is then you can sing my mullet song (then he said to me) Chorus Verse 2: A I said sir I have a question there’s a question that I must ask E Why is it when I go out in public why do these people stop and laugh? A he said the answer to your question sir it’s just so plain to me D A A E D E A now the problem is just with these kids they got mullet jealousy (then he said to me) Chorus Verse 3: A the moral of the story it goes a little something like this E if you got a mullet well it’s a haircut not a fish A and now when you wear your mullet just remember this little fact D A A E D E A see a mullet is business in the front and then a party in the back (now everybody sing) Chorus La la la la la la (repeat) -------------------------------------------------------- AND THAT"S ALL!!! KJ-52 usually does christian rap so it's kinda funny how this song fits onto his album... go figure. FINALLY A SONG EMBRACING THE HIGHLY CULTERED HAIR STYLE DUBBED "THE MULLET".
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