Klover - I Wanna Be tab

Band- Klover
Song- I wanna be
Album- Feel Lucky Punk
Tuning- normal



"*"- randomly slideE|--------------------||B|--*7---5-----------||G|-----------*7---6--||D|--------------------||A|--------------------||E|--------------------||
Verse: A Don't tell me what I should do A I will do it my own way A I already have a clue A If you ask what I want I'll saychorus: D A D A I'll be, I'm gonna be D A G A I'll be what I wanna be A I know things you don't understand A Learned them from my radio A I'll never be a congressman A Because I already knowChorus A I may not be your number one A whatever made you think I care A Say I'm sick, well don't be stunned A I'm gonna be your nightmare Well, that's about it... E-mail me (meatking@usa1.com) w/any questions, comments, or corrections. Check out my web page: http://www1.usa1.com/~meatking/theplace
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