Kmfdm - Juke Joint Jezebel tab

Title: Juke Joint Jezebel
Artist: KMFDM
Album: Nihil
Year: 1995

tuning: standard
tempo: 128.881 BPM
meter: common time (4/4)

tab by mcpancakes

Let me know via comment if you see any errors, thanks!

Pre-chorus ("feel the emptiness inSIDEEEE"). There might be some pinch
harmonics in use here on some of those fret 7 notes, I can't quite tell.

e|------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------7------------|G|--9-----X X-10-----7-----(7)----7---------|D|--9-----X-x-10-----7---------------7-6~---| x2A|--7-----X-x--8-----5----------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
Chorus Alternate between the first and second ending.
e|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|--9-------------------------------------7---------------|D|--9-------------------------------------6---------------|A|--7---------------5p4--------5p4------------------------| x8E|------0--0--0--0-------0--0-------0--0------0--0--0--0--| | x x x x x x x x x x x x |
ending 1 ending 2e|------------------------|------------------------|b|------------------------|------------------------|G|------------------------|------------------------|D|------------------------|--6p4-------------------|A|--5h7--------7h8--------|-------------5h7--------|E|-------0--0-------0--0--|-------0--0-------0--0--| | x x x x | x x x x |
Post-chorus riff 1. This is a single bar of 6/4. Listen to the song to get rhythm, it's pretty unusual.
Post-chorus riff 2 (2:56). This is just two bars of 4/4, played twice.
e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------|D|--------5/9-----5/8--------5/7-----------5\4--|A|--------5/9-----5/8--------5/7-----------5\4--| x2E|--0--0--3/7--0--3/6--0--0--3/5--0--0--0--3\2--| x x x x x x x x |
Verse riff (3:26), x4. And here we evidence the bane of tablature, i.e. the inability to tab out rhythm easily. I tried to help it by placing the subdivions of the beat above the staff. The only difference between the two measures is the notes of the last beat of each.
1 & a 2 & a e a 4 e & a 1 & a 2 & a e a 4 e & a e|-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------|------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------|--------------------------7p5-------|E|--0---0-0---0---0-0--0--0--0-0-0-0---|--0---0-0---0---0-0--0--0-----7-5---| x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x |
Near-end riff (4:57).
e|-------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-----5/9-----5/8-----5/7--------5-/9-----5/8-----5/7----------5\4--|A|-----5/9-----5/8-----5/7--------5-/9-----5/8-----5/7----------5\4--|E|--0--3/7--0--3/6--0--3/5--0--0--3-/7--0--3/6--0--3/5--0-0--0--3\2--| x x x x x x x x x x |
structure: Intro (16 bars) Pre-verse 1 riff (1 bar) Verse 1 (16 bars) Pre-chorus (8 bars) Chorus (16 bars) Post-chorus riff 1 (1 bar of 6/4) Break (4 bars) Verse 2 (8 bars) Pre-chorus (8 bars) Chorus (16 bars) Post-chorus riff 2 (4 bars) Break (4 + 8 bars) Verse 3 w/ verse riff (8 bars) Pre-chorus (8 bars) Chorus w/ chorus phrase thrice instead of twice (24 bars) Break (1 + 8 bars) Near-end riff (3 bars) Chorus (16 bars) Outro riff (4 bars)
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