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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 96 17:09 CST
Subject: TAB:Ultra by KMFDM]

Ultra by KMFDM
from the album NIHIL

tabbed by Chris Frase 

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slide: / \  
bend string: ^
hammer on: h
pull off: p
palm mute: X
vibrato: ~~~

Chords used:
B5  799xxx
A#5 688xxx
A5  577xxx
G#5 466xxx
C5  x355xx or 8 10 10xxx
G5  355xxx

Standard Tuning

Intro: (probably bass or synth, but I'm not sure)E|--------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------|A|--2----0--2---3--2-0---3-4--5--3--5---|E|--0----0--0---1--0-0---1-2--3--1--3---|(This part's also played more quietly during the verse)
Intro (Guitar):E|--/11~~~~~~~~~~~~~6~~/9~~8~~~~~\3~~~~~~~~|B|--/11~~~~~~~~~~~~~6~~/9~~8~~~~~\3~~~~~~~~|
Intro & Prechorus (Guitar): E|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------|D|--4--3/4--5--4--3/4--6--4--3/4--7--4--3--4----|A|--4--3/4--5--4--3/4--6--4--3/4--7--4--3--4----|E|--2--1/2--3--2--1/2--4--2--1/2--5--2--1--2----|
Verses: (since the verse notes are held for a LONG time, I shortened the length to save time and space) Verse 1: E|-3~~/9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/11~~~~~~~~~~\1~~~~~~~~~5/12\9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B|-3~~/9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/11~~~~~~~~~~\1~~~~~~~~~5/12\9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When........alive.........and you blow anymore
Before Verse 2 (1:34):E|-8~~~/10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9~~~~~~~~~~~~~/\/\/\/\/\/\ B|-8~~~/10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9~~~~~~~~~~~~~/\/\/\/\/\/\
Verse 2:E|-10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/15\10~\9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\B|-10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/15\10~\9~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\ And when......sodden cannot hurt me anymore
Chorus: (play these REALLY fast!) each chord is strummed 3x Give it to me (wildfire) Don't take it from me B5 A#5 A5 G#5 C5 A#5 A5 A#5 (wildfire) Give it B5 A#5 A5 G#5 C5 A#5 A5 A#5 these same chords are used until 4:00, when they change to: (wildfire) give it G5 G#5 A5 G#5 give it to me (wildfire) G5 G#5 A5 G#5 (use the same speed and still strum each one 3 times) I believe that's everything except for the solo (which I don't know. If I figure it out, I'll post it.) The chords for the chorus might be wrong, but the pattern is correct. If I can, I'll try to tab out more KMFDM stuff, but it'll probably take awhile.
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