Knapsack – Symmetry tab

This is my first tab and took an hour so don't make too much fun of it.
I'm 95% sure it's correct. Close enought anyway.

TABBED OUT BY JORDAN MCNEISH-Listen to the song to figure out the timing

Standard Tuning

x=don't hit these strings

INTRO  -Mute all strings [play riff (4x)]
INTRO LYRICS- There's a cliff and I don't know where it goes but I can tell you, that it goes DOWN! Verse Riff [Play Riff(4x)]
VERSE I LYRICS- Of all the excuses you gave, well, that's the worst I've ever heard. You're just sick of me, well tell me how the heck can I be cured?
CHORUS RHYTHM RIFFe-------------b-------------g--9----7-----d--9----7----5a--7----5----5E------------3
CHORUS LYRICS(IT's hard to hear because they're drowned out but heres my guess) And I fake my degree. USELESS, for you and me And I fake my degree. Useless, we're humans Verse II [Play Verse Riff(4X)] Verse II Lyrics(Once again, a guess) All the corners of this square I fill I'll circle red and quiet down Nothing wrong with my red die My wish was something you promised not to tell CHOURUS 2ND TIME INTERLUDE [Play Riff (4X)]
e--MUTE FIRST NOTE- Play 4X then play e--PALM MUTEb------------------ b-----------g--7----4----5----7 g--7--------d--7----4----5----7 d--7--------a--5----2----3----5 a--5--------E------------------ E-----------
INTERLUDE LYRICS (Come in at the end) You should try to tell me why I wanna be... more like you and LESS LIKE ME! [Play Verse Riff (2x) then go into the chorus] OUTRO
Wasn't That easy! Questions or Corrections Email Me and
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