Knickerbockers – One Track Mind tab

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                            "One Track Mind"
                     (Keith Colley - Linda Colley)


	guitar, 4X [doubled w/bass 2nd-4th time; continue into verse]:

E E [N.C.] v v v v v v v v -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------| -2---2---0---0-2-|-------------0---| -----------2-----|-------1---2-----| -----------------|-----------------| ^ ^ accented by drums and rhythm guitar
Verse 1: (E) There's no denyin' I've been cryin', yeah, without her Somebody help me please, I can't forget about her Chorus 1: C#m F# I've got a one track mind C#m F# Maybe I'm a stubborn fool F#m F# Somebody please E [intro riff 2X, w/bass 2nd time] Tell me what to do [4: Waaaaahhh!] Verse 2: Don't try to tell me some girl will be taking her place I close my eyes and all I visualize is her face Chorus 2: I've got a one-track mind I won't believe that girl is gone Somebody please Tell me I'm not wrong Bridge: C#m F# I can see her by my side C#m F# But the more I stare C#m F# Makes me want to run and hide C#m A7 When I find she's not there Instrumental break: (guitar solo over intro) [repeat chorus 2] [repeat verse 1] [repeat chorus 1] Coda: C#m F# I got a one track mind C#m F# [repeat to fade] One track mind -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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