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From: (J.T. Broderick)
Subject: Knitters: Poor Little Critter On The Road.crd

Poor Little Critter On The Road
The Knitters, "Poor Little Critter On The Road", Slash Records, 1985

The Knitters are: Exene Cervenka (vocals), John Doe (vocals, acoustic
guitar), Dave Alvin (acoustic and electric guitar), D.J. Bonebrake (drums),
Johnny Ray Bartel (bass)

(May not be exact, but basically G major pentatonic)

G C Drinkin' all night in a tavern C D G My head is a mighty heavy load G C I feel like I've been run over C D G Like a poor little critter on the road chorus: G C Poor little critter on the road, D G Where were you tryin' to go? G C Life's got a bucket full of woes for D G The poor little critter on the road, oh D G (riff) The poor little critter on the road I must have had me a good time Cause I'm feelin so poorly today Somehow I can't quite remember, That's one of the prices that you pay (repeat chorus) (riff) I can remember the drinkin' And dancin on into the night Somethin' about some romancin' Then I started up a fight variation of chorus: Well I feel like a critter on the road Maybe I want to get knowed Life's got a bucket of woes for The poor little critter on the road, oh The poor little critter on the road --Justin T. Broderick SLC, Utah
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