Knorrig – Phenalicero tab

PHENALICERO - Guitar tab 


E---2--2--5--0--5--x--x---x--x--x--x-----x-- B---4--2--5--0--5--x--x---x--x--x--x-----x-- G---4--3--6--1--5--4--x---x--x--7--9-----4-- D---4--4--7--2--7--4--4---7--2--7--9-----4-- A---2--4--7--2--7--2--4---7--2--5--7-----1-- E---x--2--5--0--5--x--2---5--0--x--x-----x--
B F# A E Am B5 F#5 A5 E5 D5 E5ii B5* Verse 1 (guitar playing continually & slowly over bass) B F# Funerals seem very fun to me A E Because I grew up differently B F# Taught the ways very young A Am E Of phenalicero from dad and mum Verse 2 ( Guitar plays chord once while bass plays quick) B5--------F#5-------A5-------E5------ B5 F#5 I was rejected 'cause I was never down A5 E5 With all my friends in the town B5 F#5 Impressing girls they would behave hard A--A-----A---A----A----Am While I preferred to chill in the graveyard Chorus(back to guitar playing over bass but now quicker) B5x5 D5x1 E5iix5 D5x1 B5x5 D5x1 E5iix5 D5x1 (same strumming pattern as above in lyrical part of chorus B5-D5-E5ii D5 B5-D5-E5ii Im--------- a different kind of Guy------------ x2 B F# A E Im a different kind of guy B B5* F# E You dont have to be alive to be my girl Filler--B5x5---F#5x1----A5x5----E5x1 x2 Verse 3 (Guitar playing fast over bass) B5 F#5 Mankind has a varied sexual range A5 E5 Because I'm different doesn't mean I'm strange B5 F#5 Who the hell are you to call me weird A A A A A Am I've crossed the boundaries all of you have feared (Chorus) (Filler) Outro---Play chords in same pattern as filler (5-1-5-1) B5 F#5 A5 Discrimination and aggrovation just 'cause I was born E5 this way B5 F#5 A5 masturbation on decrepid infestation, it's not my fault E5 B5x5--F#5x1--A5x5---E5x1 that I play for the third team B F# A Not straight or gay or bisexual, my love interests are Am torn B F# Ax8 Am I'm phenalicero through and through, and that's how I was born-----Arpeggio chords B5,F#5,A5,E5,B5,F#5 Chords-F#,A
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