Knorrig – Temporary Skas tab

kNoRRiG-temporary skas 


E------3--4---3---------6--6--6--6----------- B----4----------4--------6--5--4--3---------- G--5----------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- x4
VERSE 1 ska chords- (5 times, 4th time includes top note up one semibrieve) Cminor Gminor what’s the use in trying when the cause isn’t real? Cminor Gminor what’s the use in skankin when the skas will never heal? Cminor stances of reason justified Gminor for the truth we tried Cminor Gmin7/C all we got was lies CHORUS- (riff played over lyrics-play twice before lyrics come in and twice with lyrics)
E-------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------- G----5--------------------------------------- D--------5h3--------------------------------- A--3---3-----5-6-6--6--6--6--6--5--5--5--5--- E-------------------4--4--4--4--3--3--3--3---
the definition of decency needs to change, a pledge of allegiancy our pledge to each other must be sealed or our temporary skas will never heal VERSE 2 (same as 1st) bitch whine moan about how societies to blame bitching whining moaning about some form of political change its hard to go on when the governments gone wrong fascist values bullshitting for too long racism in places it doesn’t belong (chorus) BRIDGE-play intro riff x2 softly then play-
E--------3------3---------3-----3-------------- B----------4------4---------3-----3------------ G------5----------------3---------------------- D---------------------------------------------- A---3--------3--------------------------------- E---------------------3-------3---------------- x2
(then play chorus riff x2 and go into bridge + lyrics) C5 the definition of decency (decency) G#5 G5 we need allegiancy (allegiancy) C5 we need to set ourselves free (free) G#5 G5 open your eyes and fucking see (see) OUTRO
E---------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------- A-----5---6---5---6---8--8--8------------------ E---3---3---3---3-----6--6--6------------------ x 4 to end
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