Kodaline – Pray chords

i'm not a 100% sure on this, but it's better than nothing. Enjoy!!
capo on 4

(Am) (F) How many nights do you lie dreaming
(Am) (F)I'm counting the days since you went away
(Am) (F)When I lost my heart, life lost all meaning
(Am) (F)What I would give to see you again
(F) (Am) (F)I'll pray for you
(F) (Am)Do you pray for me?
(F) (Am)I'll pray for you
(Am) (F)And you slipped away from me without talking
The look in your eye was stronger than this
(F) (C) (E)And I drink alone to stop me from weeping
(F) (C) What's left of my heart is forever yours
(E)Forever yours
I'll pray for you Do you pray for me? I'll pray for you I know I know I know I know
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