Kolohe Kai - Lover Girl chords

Verse 1: (Chords: A, F#m, Bm, E)
A You look so beautiful tonight
F#mThat smile your wearing so out of site
BmI’m I dreaming could this be real
EI’m with a girl that makes me feel so good.
AI think I should
F#mTell you that I love you cause you know I could
BmForever take care of you girl I would…
EDo anything for you
Chorus: (Chords: A, D)
AAnd without you
DWhat could I do?
AThere’s no loving in the world
D EThat could out beat you
F#m EYour my lover girl
F#m D EYour my lover girl
AWith your kiss
DHow could I miss?
A D ENo local boy’s ever felt like this
F#m EYour my lover girl
F#m D EYour my lover girl.
Verse 2:
AIt takes time for me to see
F#mHow special a love could be
BmWith you only took a minute
ETo play my heart so easily and win it
AI Just wanna show (how much)
F#mI love you so (your touch)
Bm EJust made me fall so deep in love with you
Chorus: Bridge:
F#m EIt’s only been a little while
D A E Since I first seen your smile
F#m EWith you I feel so strong
DFeels like nothing could go wrong
E F Because you’re here with me…
Bb EbGirl you looking fine and your one of a kine
Bb Eb FYou got that special something that makes you shine
Gm FYour my lover girl
Gm F Eb FYour my lover girl
Bb EbTake another step everything’s alright
Bb Eb FI’ll hold you in the day and all through the night
Gm FYou’re my lover girl (whoa) x3
GmYou’re my Lover Girl
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