Kool And The Gang - Hollywood Swingin tab

WARNING: This song was transcribed for personal use. For many, playing along with
their favorite band is very therapeutic. Helping others to do this is equally
therapeutic. Tab files should not be interpreted as copyright infringement! This
song, is (c) 1972 by Kool & The Gang. (I was born that year!)

Hollywood Swingin'
Kool & The Gang

Version 1.0
Shawn Chittle
April 2001

Playing Notes:

1. Just one bass guitar (looped) and one rhythm guitar. As with many classics,
   this song is very easy to play. Just get the rhythm down and you are set.

2. I am omitting lyrics since the whole song is based on this simple arrangement.

3. Official song history: http://www.koolandthegang.com/history/history_1972.html

Intro horns

Bass riff (repeated throughout whole song)

Guitar riff A (played once per loop)
E---------------------16---------------------|B---------------------15---------------------|G---------------------13---------------------|D--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------| Hey Hey Hey
Guitar riff B (played three times per loop)
E---------------------7----------------------|B---------------------7----------------------|G---------------------7----------------------|D--------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------| What ya got to say
Outro (guitar tacet) horns
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