Korn – South Of Heaven tab

South Of Heaven by KoRn
Guitarist: Munky + Head
Album: None… It’s A Bootleg of The Sick And Twisted Tour
Dif.: 6
Tabbed by Twiggy5

NOTE: Tune down 1 full step (A D G C F A D)

Intro 1 (Gtr. 1)F|------------9----8---7----7-6~---|C|-------9-10---10---9---8---------|G|----7----------------------------|D|--0------------------------------| PM
Intro 1 (Gtr. 1) (cont.)F|-----------9----8---7----6~~----|C|------9-10---10---9---8---------|G|----7---------------------------|D|--0-----------------------------| PM
Intro 1 (Gtr. 2)d|-------12-------------7--|a|--12---------------------| NH---------------------|
Intro 2 (Gtr. 1)F|----------4----3----2---2-1~--|C|------2-5---5----4----3-------|G|----2-------------------------|D|--0---------------------------|
Intro 2 (Gtr. 1) (cont.)F|----------4----3----2---1~~---|C|------2-5---5----4----3-------|G|----2-------------------------|D|--0---------------------------|
Intro 2 (Gtr. 2)C|-2--------------------------|-%-|G|-2--------------------------|-%-|D|-0--------------------------|-%-|
Verse (Both Guitars)G|------10-----8---7----10------------|D|-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-0--1-1--|
Chorus (Both Guitars)C|--------5-------3--|G|--------5-------3--|D|-0-0-0--3--0-0--1--| Pm-----| pm--|
End (Gtr. 2)d|-----------12---|a|--12------------| NH-------------|
Song Structure: - Intro 1 (Gtr. 1) Intro 1 (Gtr. 1)/Intro 1 (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 (Gtr. 2)/Intro 2 (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 (Gtr. 1) Intro 2 (Gtr. 1)/Intro 2 (Gtr. 2) Verse (Both Guitars) Chorus (Both Guitars) Intro 1 (Gtr. 1)/Intro 2 (Gtr. 2) Verse (Both Guitars) End (Gtr. 2) Alright there ya go. Not to different from the original except for tuning. I thought it was kool that KoRn did this, cause Slayer i s one of best metal bands of all time. But ya, if you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at ToXic345x@yahoo.ca
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