Korn - Lets Get This Party Started drum

Album: Issues    

Drummer:DAVID SILVERA He uses a double bass pedal but u can do it using the floor tom. X means open hi-hat|------Rest------| for guitar intro
<-----------------play once------->H|x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x| H|-------X|S|----o-------o-------o| S|-----o--|B|o--o--o-o--o--o-o--o-| F|-o-o----| B|o-o-----|
<-------------------play 7x----------------->
<----Play 8x----->C|X-------|H|--X-X-X-|B|o-------|
Chorus <---------PLay4x----->
During the chorus he uses a double bass pedal too. You can substitute the floor tom again for this. Thers a little interlude thing but that has the same drums as the verses. LIsten to the song to get a better idea of how to play it.
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