Korn - Camel Song tab

Transcribed By: SemiKoRny_Boy (semikorny_boy@hotmail.com) 

 This is very close to the song. I don't know anything about 
 pedals so I don't know which Munky and Head use. All I know 
 is this sounds accurate so enjoy!! 

 Feel free to send ANY comments or suggestions to me. 

 Riff 1-Munky 

e ||-------------------------------------------14-15-14---------------------- B ||------------------------------------------------------------------------- G ||--15/14-14--15/14-14--15/14-15/14-14-15/14-----------15/14-14--15/14-14-- D ||------------------------------------------------------------------------- A ||------------------------------------------------------------------------- E ||-------------------------------------------------------------------------
e ||--------------------------------- B ||-----------------------14-15-14-- G ||--15/14-15/14-14-15/14----------- D ||--------------------------------- A ||--------------------------------- E ||---------------------------------
Riff 2-Head (Munky still plays riff 1) ////= slow slide
e ||---------------------------- B ||---------------0/0\0-------- G ||--1////13-12-5-3/4\3-------- D ||---------------------------- A ||---------------------------- E ||----------------------------
Riff 3-Head (play this just as Jon starts to sing) e ||-------- B ||--0~~~-- G ||--3~~~-- D ||-------- A ||-------- E ||--------
***At 2nd verse Munky and Head play play Riffs 1 and 2 together***
Chorus-Head and Munky e ||--------------0/-------------0/-- B ||--------------4/-------------4/-- G ||--------------6/-------------6/-- D ||--------------------------------- A ||--3/--3-3-5------2/--2-2-6------- E ||--3/--3-3-3------2/--2-2-4-------
at 2:25 they play something i'm not sure of because they use some sort of pedal
at 2:42 after Jon yells "JUST TAKE ME AWAY!!", I'm pretty sure they play: [when < and > appear around a number, play a harmonic!!) e ||----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7>-- B ||----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7>-- G ||----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7>-- D ||--9-<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7><7>----<7>-<7>-- A ||--9-<7>-<7><7>--9-<7>-<7><7>--9-<7>-<7>-- E ||--7-<7>-<7><7>--7-<7>-<7><7>--7-<7>-<7>--
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