Korn – Predicatable tab

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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 23:59:26 -0800 (PST)
From: James Albers 
Subject: Predictable.tab (Korn)

Transcribed by James Albers

Riff 1G||-------------------------------||D||-------2^1------------2^1------|| * Palm Mute on these notesA||--0-00----0-2^3-0-2^3-----2^3--|| @ Not played when vocals come in
** @Riff 2G||-------4\3------------4\3------||D||--2----2\1--4/5---4/5-2\1-4/5--||A||--0-00----0-2/3-0-2/3-----2/3--||
**Fill 1C||--------------------------16---||G||-------4\3------------4\3-15---|| Tremolo Picking and Chorus/FlangeD||--2----2\1--4/5---4/5-2\1-14---|| used on 13-14-15-16 chordA||--0-00----0-2/3-0-2/3-----13---||
Riff 3G||---------------------------------------------||D||--2-2---2---2-2---2---2-2---2---2-2---2-2----|| Rest on X's-listen toA||--0-0-X-0---0-0-X-0---0-0-X-0---0-0-x-0--00--|| the album
Riff 4C||------------------------------------------------------------------||G||--10\9-----9\8-----8\7-----7\6------------------------------------||D||---8\7-7-7-7\6-6-6-6\5-5-5-5\4-4---6\5-----5\4-----4\3-----3\2----||A||-----------------------------------4\3-3-3-3\2-2-2-2\1-1-1-1^0-0--||
Riff 5G||-----------------------------------------------------------------3---||D||--2-2----2-2----2-2---2----3-3------2-2----2-2----2-2---2----3-3-1---||A||--0-0-X--0-0-X--0-0-X-0--0-1-1------0-0-X--0-0-X--0-0-X-0--0-1-1-1---||Rest on X's--Listen to album for rhythm--
Riff 6C||---------------------------3--2------||G||--2--------5--4-4----5--3--1--0--3---|| Bass follows this pattern tooD||--0--2--3--3--2-2----3--1--------1---||A||-----0--1----------------------------||
Riff 7C||-----------3-4------||G||--2--------1-2--3---|| Bass follows this pattern tooD||--0--2--3-------1---||A||-----0--1-----------||
Riff 1--Riff 2--Fill 1--Riff 2--Riff 3--Riff 4--Riff 5--Riff 6---| Riff 6(bass)--Riff 7--Riff 2--Riff 3--Riff 4---------------------|Riff 5('till end) ============================================================== Predictable I can everyway-this stinging(?) pain I feel inside It comes to me-evil thoughts is creeping through my mind For you to see-that I can't speak what's on my mind It runs away-it's so predictable I can everyway-illustrate this thing called love(?) inside To blind to see-emptiness and sorrow are alive You run away-to the cover of their pointless lie You ask me-it's so predictable I'm gonna try, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna try Everyday, the silence overwhelms my mind Who's to say if I have the time or why Should I pray for all the hate to go away Another day I can never break free You wait for me-I'll come up to you Another day-I'll live forever I'm gonna try, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna try I'm gonna try (should I) I'm gonna die(should I fuck) I'm gonna try (should I) I'm gonna die(should I fuck) I'm gonna try (should I) I'm gonna die(should I fuck) I'm gonna try, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna try ================================================================ This is an easy song to play--no troubles here. The vocals have some question to them. Listen for yourselves--that's only what I could hear. For Riff 3 and Riff 5- the 1-3-3 chords are hard to distinguish. It may be that they are pressing hard on the floating bridges which makes them go sharp. Laters-- James
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