Kravitz Lenny - Silver & Gold tab version 2


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Date: Sat, 21 Dec 1996 17:18:45 -0800
From: "Huigens, Wilbert" 

Vanessa Paradis: Silver and gold 
Written by: Lenny Kravitz
Taken from the album: Vanessa Paradis (album version)

Excuse me for the spacing, but this is my first tab-writing
Never the less, it's quite easy, so you probably can manage


Am G DE|-------------|-----3-|-------|B|-------1-----|-------|-----3-|G|-----2---2---|---0---|---2---|D|---2-------2-|-------|-0-----|A|-0-----------|-------|-------|E|-------------|-3-----|-------|
C G Bb Am Am/GE|-------|-------|-------|---|-----|B|-------|-------|-------|---|-----|G|-----0-|-----0-|-----3-|---|-----|D|---2---|---0---|---3---|---|-----|A|-3-----|-2-----|-1-----|-0-|-0-2-|E|-------|-------|-------|---|-----|
C G Bb AmE|-------|-------|------------|-------1-|B|-------|-------|-------3----|---------|G|-----0-|-----0-|-----3---3--|-----2---|D|---2---|---0---|---3------3-|---2-----|A|-3-----|-2-----|-1----------|-0-------|E|-------|-------|------------|---------|
Repeat verse until fade
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