Fly Away tab with lyrics by Kravitz Lenny - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kravitz Lenny – Fly Away tab


Ae--- 5-- (5 times) (quick)b----5--g ---5 6d----5 7a----5 7e----5--
Be----7-- (once, quickly)b--- 7--g----7 8d----7 9a----7 9e----7--
Cbe----8-- (5 times, quick)b----8--g----8--d----8 9a----8 10e----8 10
Ge----3---b----3--- (5 times, quick)g----3 4d----3 5a----3 5e----3---
De----10---- (5 times quick)b----10----g----10 11d----10 12a----10 12e----10----
(repeat) (second guitar or louder guitar + bass) BASS: e b g d----5555---8888----3333---10 10 10 10 (repeat until end) SONG FORM: INTRO VERSE (only bass and drums) CHORUS (guitar joins in) VERSE CHORUS QUIET PART (SOLO TIME!) CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS END
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