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Krazy Cassidys – Swinger Girl tab

Artist: Krazy Cassidys
Song: Swinger Girl
Album: Oak Park is a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
Guitar: Acoustic preferebley, but electric works
Difficulty: Easy
Timing is very key to this intro, the number bunches go pretty quick and then the open hangs there, before the other two opens come in. To it sound just like the real song, hammer on the second open. The KC's have two versions, but the original with an acoustic. So if you want to make sure you have it right, you can download the song from or off of iMesh or Kazaa. There are no cords played for the verse so I'll just display the frets played, all on the A string, except when noted. Verse 1 777 7 999- Once there was this really funky chick, 777 7 999- And man, I'm telling you, she was slick 777 7 999- She held the entire school world in the palm of her hand 777777777777777777777777777777777777777777 The entire playground was her empire, her land Chorus Play Intro while playing the 5,7, and 9 sets longer than usual She flew, and she flew so high, she flew so high up in the sky, if anyone else would have attempted those feats they surely would have died, Swinger Girl E777- (No lyrics) Bridge Then hold down D9 and strum the guitar hard and mute immediately after 6 times. (Continue to do D9 strumming) (Do 7th strum with D,A, and E 9 held down) O man, that girl, o yeah that girl, that girl really flied Verse 2 (Same as the first) Then one day she was going forwards, switched it up and started going backwards, where did swinger grl go, where did she hide, she went over the top to the other side. Chorus Bridge Chorus again Intro riff again That's it.
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