Closer To The Bone chords with lyrics by Kris Kristofferson - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kris Kristofferson – Closer To The Bone chords

One of Kris Kristofferson's newer songs...

Verse 1
Am Ain't it kinda funny
Am Ain't it just the way though
Am Ain't 'cha gettin' better
E Runnin' out of time
Am Making pretty music
Am Closer to your feelings
Am Working on the reason
E Running on the rhyme
Am Heading for the highway
Am Rolling like a river
Am Soaring like an eagle
E Skippin' like a stone
Am Comin' from the heartbeat
Am Nothin' but the truth now
Am Everything is sweeter
(Verse 2) Ain't afraid of moonlight Ain't afraid of freedom Love will make you crazy But your soul will keep you sane Singing to the starlight Over the horizon Open to the pleasure Equal to the pain (Chorus) Heading for the highway Rolling like a river Soaring like an eagle Skippin' like a stone Comin' from the heartbeat Nothin' but the truth now Everything is sweeter CLOSER TO THE BONE
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