Kris Kristofferson - Help Me Make It Through The Night chords

One way you can strumm:

E:x xx xxx                             
B:x xx xxx                                
G:x xx xxx                              
D:x xx xxx                           
A:x xx xxx                             
E:x xx xxx                                
  d du udu

d = down
u = up

Intro: D G A D

Verse 1

D(mute) DTake the ribbon from your hair
Gshake it loose and let it fall
A layin` soft upon my skin
D like the shadows on the wall.
Verse 2
D(mute) DCome and lay down by my side
G`till the early morning light
A all i`m taking is your time
Dhelp me make it through the night.
Verse 3
D(mute) DYesterday is dead and gone
G and tomorrow`s out of sight
Aand it`s sad to be alone
Dhelp me make it through the night.
D GI don`t care who`s right or wrong
Di don`t try to understand
Elet the devil take tomorrow
ALord, tonight i need a friend.
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