Kristian Leontiou - Love Is All I Need tab

Title: Love is ALL I Need
Artist: Yasmien Kurdi

I'm 100 sure it this chords!..haha

Intro: A-E-F#m-D

 A         E              F#m       D
I feel empty inside, I just cross my mind
 A           E        F#m     D
To dreams come true, I never knew
 A           E         F#m       D
All of the sadness, all of the loneliness
 A           E       F#m       D
The pain I felt, when you went to me...

 A           E         F#m
Take me to a place I've never been
Sail me a ship I haven't seen
 A                        E
Bring me happiness, this world can bring
F#m       D   
Love is all I need

Interlude: A-E-F#m-D
A       E        F#m         D
Life's unfair, why am I so in despair
A         E        F#m       D
Pretending to be happy in words I say

A                     E
Climb a mountain and touch the cloud
F#m                  D
Sing a song in different sounds
A                      E 
On the rainbow like a hill in the sky
F#m         D
Love is all I need
         D          A-E-F#m-D
I don't know why...I don't know why...

Adlib: A-E-F#m-D
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